Posted by EUROPEAN COUNCIL ON TOURISM AND TRADE on August 25, 2016 at 3:25 PM

A group of diplomats from nine countries, officialy accredited to European Council on Tourism and Trade, travelled from Bucharest to Tulcea and from there to Danube Delta from August 20-25 to explore the rich natural patrimony of the grassland during the Europe Cultural Discovery Tour initiated by H.E. President Professor Dr. Anton Caragea.


H.E. President Anton Caragea welcomed by Mr. Mihai Puflene Chairman of PUFLENE RESORT and Danube Delta expert.


The 2016 Summer Diplomatic Trip has brought together diplomats officialy accredited to European Council on Tourism and Trade.


The Summer Trip for Diplomats, a yearly event, hosted by The European Council on Tourism and Trade has taken place between 20-25 August 2015, in the framework of DISCOVER EUROPE program.


PUFLENE RESORT Complex was the generous host of 2016 Summer Diplomatic Trip


The DISCOVER EUROPE program is aimed at giving an opportunity for diplomats posted in Europe to get acquainted with new areas of our continent, to familiarize themselves with the rich customs and traditions of diverse regions of Europe and to also enjoy themselves in a few days of active relaxation.


Diplomats preparing for Danube Delta trip

This year our main destination and that of the nine ambassadors and their families, invited for the cruise, was Danube Delta, tell us Professor Dr. Anton Caragea, the President of European Council on Tourism and Trade and we have many reasons for our decision to select Danube Delta as our destination.


 The magic of Danube Delta and PUFLENE RESORT


We have previously organized a similar discovery trip during 2011 and I was remembering, with pleasure, the enthusiasm that ambassadors put in the discovery of the area and we want also to place in our program new and new destinations of Danube Delta. 

 The backwater channels of DANUBE DELTA


Another argument weight in was the opening of an extraordinary resort and hospitality complex in the area: PUFLENE RESORT.


This resort was to become the gravity center of our activities, to discover Danube Delta, and also our night base for a wonderful meal and recuperation after travel.


 Water Lilly Sea in the center of DANUBE DELTA


The diplomats program was coined, with the help of PUFENE RESORT Director, Mr Mihai Puflene, a man in loved with the Danube and passionate about Danube Delta.


The tour guide for diplomats

The program encompassed, during day time, regular trips, that allowed diplomats to discover magnificent areas like: Murighiol Danube front, the lake Uzlina, the largest lake and a perfect fish reserve, the boats rolled also to the Lake Isac and Lake Isac 2, natural reserve of mangrove and typical vegetation, Litcov Channel and famous Crisan village, bedecked with traditional houses painted in blue and home to Russian minority in the Danube Delta.


Diplomats also enjoyed the trips to Sulina arm of Danube and finally, to the Letea Forest, UNESCO natural preserve, unique in the world. 

The five days journey of discovery and travel where crowned also by relaxation time. 

This is the magic of DANUBE DELTA as diplomats have seen it.


Ambassadors took full advantage of this time enjoying the PUFLENE RESORT many facilities like gym, wading pool and massage therapy and most of all, indulge in the culinary creation of the master chef of the complex.


Stuffed Pike

 Perch with Almonds

 Carp brine


Mr. Mihai Puflene carved out a culinary discovery menu, including the fish broth, carp brine and the incredible stuffed pike.


Carving out the 2016 Summer Diplomatic Trip Program(l-r): Mr. Mihai Puflene the Manager of PUFLENE RESORT complex and H.E. Professor Dr. Anton Caragea, ECTT President (second line Mr. Mark Doda-Balkan Tourism Organization CEO).


The diplomatic trip to Danube Delta was a new success of the DISCOVERY EUROPE program, started in 2008 by The European Council on Tourism and Trade and will be followed this autumn by a discovery trip to Republic of Moldova, stated H.E. Professor Dr. Anton Caragea.


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